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Plan Engaging Workshops

Learn the basics of planning and organizing a workshop, including selecting engaging activities, things to consider when planning and how to create a positive learning experience.

Establish Rules & Structure

Understand the importance of setting clear rules and creating a structured environment which will help you navitage through basic behaviour management and manage groups effectively.

Deliver Session Effectively

Develop the necessary skills to confidently lead workshops, deliver and communicate effectively, engage participants, and create an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

Implement Positive Reinforcement

Learn and apply basic positive reinforcement techniques to encourage and motivateyour students, fostering a positive and enjoyable learning culture.

Understand Safeguarding Basics

Understand foundational safety strategies, ensuring the wellbeing of all participants and creating a safe and nurturing space for the workshops.

Evaluate Workshops & Make Improvements

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Why Learn With Moving Waves?

At Moving Waves, we pledge to uphold the highest standards in the quality of everything we do.
Since our establishment in 2015, we have achieved many milestones:

  • We've trained 500+ facilitators 
  • We've worked with 10 000+ children 
  • We've run 30+ different types of classes
  • We've been finalists in the GBEA Awards in 2019 

Meet Your Instructor

Tina Euri is an actor and dancer with over 15 years experience in the UK and Cyprus. Alongside her performing, Tina runs Moving Waves , a performing arts company specialising in creative workshops and classes with children, adults and care home residents in London. For the last 8 years Moving Waves has employed actors, dancers, singers and artists who share the mission of making the arts and their benefits accessible to a wider audience through creative workshops. In 2019 Tina was nominated as a finalists for the Forward Ladies National awards, as best young female entrepreneur under 30.